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for a civil rights leader who made a very controversial comment. was campaigning for president obama at a church in georgia paturday...whhn duuing his speech he said quote "all white people are going to was intended as a joke....and - that he's made thoseeremarks a number of times over the years and they were not meant to be taken seriiusly. "he was talking abouttall tte bitternesssand annee thaa has wasn't exxctly in the context poke.""i immediately hought that iihope iis not takee out ps ff the reeord and it was tell a joke." wassabout to &pjoke."loweryyheld aanews confernce today stressing to the media thaa his comment was noo mmant to be taken seriously. bad day or a woman whh made a thousand dollar tyyo wwile payyng a ill online. pdbra tupperrwas paying her dollars and 69 cents. but tupper mistakenly typed zero have gone sending over 11-ould - thousand dollars to the company. upper says she's informed the employees of the mistake and ttey said it would accounttstill sits empty. "i have nn money in my accoontss i'm getting overdrafts, i can't pay anyyof &pmy biils, i got
.jenniier griffin at the peetagon jennifer griffin fox news. a new obama ad compares first-time votinn tt losing your virginity. virginity. sot from beginning of video...the first time shhuldn't be with just anybody. you want to dooit with a great guy.. someone who rrally cares about and uudeestandd women. women.the ad is produced &pby the presidents official campaiin in the ad,,lena dunham - the creator and star portrays the president as the pan who took her voting's revealed that she's speakkng yesterday.the ad is getting a 6:11:06 ttis is not something that i think will resonatt with americcn eople especially ameeican women i think it's going tt aaiinate more of them then it's goong to aatrack :14 :1414:19:12 it's niceeto see people trying to get young ppople to vote votethe campaign manager foo the aa on twitter writing impprtant... trust lena dunham... you re ready." watch the entire ad forr -pyour website... fox-baltimore dot com slashhnewsllnks also... it appeers the obama money on state dinners...ffnd out how much by rrading the fox-baltimore dot com...and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2